SweetPacks is a selection of innovative products designed to enhance the user’s digital experience.

The SweetPacks range leverages the success of the award-winning SweetIM application, which reaches 150 million users and provides them with a creative outlet for online expression. SweetPacks utilizes that same sense of fun and combines it with useful, easy to use and safe solutions to create applications for everyday use.

We started with the 2005 launch of a single product, the SweetIM application, which quickly became the leading source of emoticons and animations for online chat and communications. Utilizing SweetIM’s simplicity and ease of use, we now offer an impressive collection of SweetPacks products, which can be applied to other daily online tasks.  From synchronizing multiple online accounts and highly accurate translation tool, to maximizing PC performance and a huge range of free premium games, SweetPacks applications make regular digital use more efficient.

The proven success of SweetPacks demonstrates our sharp understanding of the latest online trends and our top quality marketing of download applications.  We listen carefully to our customers to understand how to add value to their experience, allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of the digital world.  Our user-driven knowledge means that SweetPacks will continue to develop and successfully market highly popular tools to a fast growing audience.


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